Sunday, October 21, 2012

Top 10 Sunday

Today was a Top 10 Day, weather wise, for a Sunday, and overall. We spent the entire today together doing fun stuff around our home.

We slept in. That never happens. And, I should mention, everyone slept in except me. The girls woke up at 4:15 am and thought it was morning. They were playing and laughing, waking me up. I got them back to bed, and returned to our bed to find Asher in my spot. I laid in bed for an hour before I just gave up, got up, did Turbo Fire, a body rock, and ran. I returned to the house at 7:30 and all was still quiet. I so wanted to shower but I did not want to wake everyone. So, I caught up on computer stuff. Finally, at 9am, everyone finally got up. Gees! I wish I could have slept in!

We went to the 10:30 Mass, ate lunch, walked the dog, we met our new neighbors, and then the kids had a play date this afternoon. Chris cleaned up the yard for winter (grrr), then we all played kick ball, Frisbee golf (don't ask, we like to invent games), baseball, and then Asher and his friend traded off doing sprints (and that was their idea!). These kids had some serious energy to burn! After the play date, Chris took Alivia on a date to kayak in Shadow Lake. All of the kids have now gone with him and have loved it. Who knew it would be so fun for all of them! In order to see them, we took Pippa on another walk to the lake. I do believe we wore little Pippa out.

Back at home, we grilled up hamburgers for the kids for dinner before Chris started a fire in the fire pit. The kids still had endless supply of energy! Hum, I wonder if it was the smores?

It was a beautiful day, light wind (until we lit the fire pit anyway), maybe 80 degrees. FABULOUS!!

Too bad every day could not be spent like today. It was wonderful!

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Courtney F said...

What wonderful pics of the perfect day! WOW! I WISH my kids would sleep in until 9!!! Crazy!