Thursday, October 18, 2012

Fall'n into the Forest

Fall definitely is blowing in today! Brrr! Today was Asher's preschool class trip to the Fontenelle Forest. I was not looking forward to it, which Chris did not like to hear. The wind was blowing, it was so cold, and I would have preferred to stay all snuggled up inside.

Asher, on the other hand, was so excited. He did not believe me when I said it was cold out and he had to wear his fall coat. He was so mad at me that he refused to wear it after shedding a few tears, making us a little later than normal this morning (and this totally made me want to go). He did, however, agree to wear his way to big puffy fleece from the Gap. Good enough for him, good enough for me I say. :) I have to pick my battles, right?

Off we went to the Forest. If you follow The Austin Life, you know that we typically try to visit the forest on perfect weather days so we can enjoy it. Today would definitely not have been one of those days. Lucky for us, we stayed inside most of the time. Asher rode the bus to the forest. He was not excited about the bus, but he loved it! Once at the Forest, the classes were separated (all the preschool classes went on one trip) and went to the educational classrooms where they were able to see some animals (mice, turtle, a snake and a salamander). Asher quietly listened and touched a couple of the animals.

After the classroom, the students were to break up into their small groups. Asher and I were the only ones in our small group. Asher wanted to go downstairs, somewhere we have not gone in our last few visits since the weather has been nice. They had changed the basement a little, but Asher still had fun. We did go outside for maybe 5 minutes. Believe me, we both got our fill of the wind and the temps in the 40s.

Asher was excited to tell Daddy about his first class trip, which I would say was a success! I do feel lucky that I am able to go to these things with the kids while I can. Who knows when I will be back to work and attending class trips will be more difficult.
We both had fun. Now we can enjoy our afternoon inside sipping hot chocolate while watching the wind blow outside!

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Courtney F said...

Oh, how fun! Great pics for Asher's memories. I love field trips