Monday, October 01, 2012

Halloween Decor 2012

Chris is CRAZY about Halloween. He is so crazy about it that I am tempted to bring him to work with me (I believe I am only kidding. :) ).

Every year, Chris decorates our house so it is practically beyond recognition. Last year, I was annoyed at how messy it was. "Can't you decorate it without it looking like such a mess?" I asked.

This time, ask and you shall receive.

Every year, the child, aka Topher, gets a new Halloween item to add to his collection. This is why we need a 4 car garage (to fit his Holiday decor and all his tools in! I have NOTHING in there. :) ). This year, the new item(S) were the skeletons and 2 window coverings. Gotta love him. The kids love it, so I guess I will adjust.

Here are the results of Chris' crazy Halloween Decorating for 2012. Please, stop by and see! Trick or Treat!

Where did we get everything? Keep in mind, we did not buy these items THIS year.
Spiders: Mangelsons
Hanging cobweb mummy by the front door (welcoming touch, huh?):  Oriental Trading
Scary skeleton thingy having on the front porch: Mangelsons
Bat and rat in the front : I have no clue where Chris got those. Gross though.
Skeletons on the house: Spirit Halloween Store, Shadow Lake location
Scary Window Coverings: Menards. If you live in Omaha, the location on 132 and Dodge has the best selection of these. The Bellevue location does not have any left.
Pumpkin up front: It is so old I can not recall where we got it. I did see them at Menards, but I believe we got ours at Target many years ago.

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Courtney F said...

Ha! Gotta love a kid at heart! How fun! Love your decorations. I don't even own one halloween one except for the plastic pumpkins....