Monday, October 22, 2012

Jumping through the Day Off

Today is the girls' last day off of school. All of the kids, including Asher, return to school tomorrow (then Asher is off for a week!). I woke to a cloudy, dreary looking sky. I was glad I had made arrangements to meet friends at Jumpin Jax in Papillion this morning!

At 8:50, the kids were all still asleep! Crazy! The girls had somehow ended up in the same bed, so I am not sure how much they slept. Asher, again, somehow ended up in my spot in bed after hearing the rain. So, perhaps their lack of sleep during the night had something to do with their late sleeping this morning. Anyway, at 9, I woke up the kids, had them shower, eat breakfast, and we were out the door by 9:20! Amazing, right?!

We arrived to just us and our friends there to jump! Yeah!! That is why we love Jumpin Jax, it is never over crowded. More kids soon showed up to play, but it was nothing awful. The kids had fun, and we only suffered one injury (Asher bit through his lip going down the slide! Not pretty, but no ER visit required. :) ).

After 1 1/2 hours of jumping, my friends little nearly 2 year old boy went over and got everyone's shoes to pass out. He wanted to go home! Too cute (and funny!).

This afternoon will be filled with quiet time inside and more play dates. Days off of school are nice to reboot but now it is my turn to reboot! :)

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Courtney F said...

WOW! That sounds and looks like fun! We will have to check that out. In Maine we had a membership to a place like that and we went many times a week! I am glad you had fun with your long weekend!