Sunday, October 21, 2012

Belated Birthday Party

Last Friday was my Dad's birthday. That was also the night Chris flew in from Florida. So, our annual birthday bash was postponed to last night. We picked up Mama's Pizza and drove to Iowa to celebrate. Since we were a week late, the kids and I had already made 2 new cookie recipes during the day, snickerdoodle (one of Dad's favorites) and a new chocolate chip cookie recipe. We gave those to Dad. Mmmm.

After chowing on our favorite Mama's Pizza and onion rings, we stayed and hung out with the P's for the evening. Chris and Dad had a little scotch, a new acquired taste for Chris. I do believe one sit may have been too much for Chris. He was giddy most of the way home, wearing his sunglasses because the moon was too bright, saying how he could not feel his face, and how he was SO RELAXED. Seriously! After our fun filled day of playing outside, going to playdates and baking, the kids were wiped.

It was fun, as usual. Happy Belated Birthday Boppa Bill! And Many more...

Giddy Chris. He is a fun drunk!

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Courtney F said...

HA! Great photos! Happy birthday to your dad!