Monday, October 08, 2012


It is no secret, I hate the cold. I mean really, what is fun about it?! Dry, cracked and bleeding skin (okay, maybe this is just me. But when the humidity leaves the air, my skin dries up, cracks, and bleeds. It has already begun!), freezing cold fingers and toes, dressing in many layers, staying indoors, YUCK. The only thing I like is baking and drinking hot chocolate.

It was 25 degrees over the weekend, our first official hard freeze (I believe, but don't quote me as I never watch the news). I went on a run and my toes were numb a mile in. Really! This should not happen until January! Come on Mother Nature! This is cruel. Meanwhile, Chris was packing for his monthly trip to Florida and checked the weather...90 degrees. Seriously! Okay, it is in the 80s now, but still. I nearly crawled into his bag and went with him (Asher actually tried this!). I'm thinking Asher and I may have to make a trip with Daddy in January. But, then again, if I went with him in January I may not come back here until April.

I believe the animals have it right. I think it is time to crawl into my den and sleep until April. If you need me, I am going to eat one big meal before my long winter's nap. Wake me for Christmas, though. I would not want to miss that! :)

Huh, the kids do not seem to notice do they?!


Courtney F said...

Can I come with you and Asher in January? I miss 70 degrees. Seriously, we just had the air on! What happened to fall??????

The Austin Life said...

I know! One day I wore shorts, the next I wore a sweater! That's what they say...give it a day and it will change. Chris is sitting in the upper 80 s and 90 s while I am sitting next to the heater. :)