Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Just Your Average Day

Today was just an average day, another day we are trying to get into a summer groove. This summer it is more difficult. For starters, Daddy it is at home. So, I have to teach the girls that Daddy is home, but he really isn't. Do not ask Daddy for a piece of fruit, to play Frisbee, or to go on a bike ride with us. Daddy is at home, but he is at work. That is really hard for them to understand. Shoot, I am still trying to adjust to that. Just as we get adjusted, he is gone in Florida. It is a constant adjustment around here.

Anyway, today we started the day with a nice bike ride around the lake. The kids even had an added bonus of seeing their friends from Kids Club at Bell taking a walk to Shadow Lake. It was like they had not seen them in forever. It was nice, crisp, morning for a bike ride.

Once at home, it was time for Alivia's 8 year check up. Huh, she can't see. Chris and I are not sure this is a real issue or Alivia just wanting glasses (and really, from our point of view, who would want glasses?). But, we will go spend $$$ to find out as we are being sent to a specialist for her severely bad vision. (Again, really?). From a clinical point of view, the girl has no complaints of headaches and appears to see fine at home. The only thing that I had heard is that she asked to move up in the classroom at school so she could see better. be continued I guess. One more thing to put on my ever growing "to do" list, right? Anyway, she was otherwise healthy, so yeah and thank goodness.

We had a little treat for lunch following her appointment. Alivia and Chris wanted Subway and Addi and Asher wanted McD's and I clearly wanted to drive all over to get everyone's lunch to make everyone happy. Yeah for Mommy.

Then it was finally time for our trip to the forest, per Asher's request. As we arrived, we saw the Dinosaurs being unloaded for the upcoming DinoQuest 2. We even got a sneak peak of some of them. The last time we were there, Addison and Asher saw the dinosaurs in pieces as they were being loaded up to travel on, and I heard about that forever (Are they hurt? Where is their head? Why did they have to take them apart?). Luckily, the kids were old enough to understand this year. Whew.

The forest was so green, the air still crisp, but perfect for hiking and walking. It was a fun afternoon.

Slowly, we are adjusting to our summer days. I know next week will bring Catholic Education and more change. And soon, Chris will be gone again.

Oh wait, I think I see a date night coming soon...

With Great Determination

Is that a dino?

Little Monkeys

Picking up "sticks"

So sweet!

Break Time

Seat with a view


everydayimages said...

WOW! Your house is ever-changing. I can't imagine how hard it is to have EVERYONE home, but to have Chris still working. Stay strong. Summer will get easier, you will love it and then school will start again. :-) I have to find that Fontanelle place, my kids would LOVE IT! Man, I wish Fremont was closer to Omaha, there is so little to do here compared to there, luckily I try not to care about our ever growing gas budget.

The Austin Life said...

I hear u on e gas budget...I try to ignore it and optimize my stops when I can. Life is too short I guess...