Friday, May 18, 2012

Field Day

As the school year draws to a close, the kids get to have field day, where they play fun activities outside. Addison would love it if I could be at school all the time. Seriously, I went to the school 3 times today. Well, she wanted me to come and watch field day. I have not gone in previous years, so decided Asher and I would come up and check it out.

What fun! They played with a parachute (and in the winds, that was a major challenge!), tug of war, played with water balloons, had water passing race, ate popsickles, got really wet running through a sprinkler (with their clothes on no less) and so much more. Asher loved watching. He is so good. And, Addison and Alivia loved that we made time to come and watch them.

After getting Asher to a playdate, I ran back up there to pick them up, deciding that carpool did not want these wet kids (2 of which were mine!) in her car. Ahhh...the fun of school.
Alivia's Class: Tug of War

A little wet?!

Kindergarten Chalk Art...very cool!

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