Friday, May 04, 2012

April in Review

April 2012 was one wild and crazy month. The weather was beautiful, so we got outside and enjoyed many soccer games, Easter!, the Safari, the zoo, the Children's Museum, the forest and just playing outside. The kids stayed with their Grandparents while I went to visit Chris in Tampa FL for his 40th birthday! Yes, he is now 40! After 2 weeks away, the kids were thrilled to have him back at home for a while. Asher and I are adjusting to Daddy working from home, and we like to see him here while he is here (as he goes away in a little more than a week).
Asher has been swimming once a week and making great progress. He keeps busy with a toddler exercise class at the YMCA once a week, swimming, soccer on weekends, and many playdates with his friends (and my friends too!). Addison finished up her weekly art class she took with her friend Kate and keeps busy with her many projects in her room. Right now she is working on cards for Jesus (when he comes back again, she says). Alivia is also in soccer and is learning to actually like it after getting off to a really rough start. She goes to practice once a week, then just keeps busy playing with Addi and Asher at home. Alivia is very laid back, with an emphasis on very, so we are working on giving her more responsibility around the house. Chris works. That sums up April. He was gone to Tampa for 2 weeks working at Central Command, now working from home on widgets (that part itself is not classified...what kind of widget is). He is set to go back to Tampa for another 2 weeks soon. He is adjusting to working at home, but finds it difficult to turn off his laptop (working until 9:30 at night is the norm). Meanwhile, I am Mom and Dad a lot of the time as Chris is really busy or just not here (or we are to pretend he is not here when he is here). So, I have been hiring more Daddy work (landscaping) and picking up some of it on my own. The rest is just waiting for that someday when we decide to get it done. I hope this is temporary, so things could be worse, right? I am still going to Zumba, running nearly daily and chasing the kids. :) Pippa...she is just a cute pain in the butt. That is all we need to say about her.
School will soon be out for summer break, Chris will be leaving for Tampa again, and Alivia will be turning 8 years old! May has a lot in store for us...better get back at it!


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