Thursday, May 24, 2012

And so summer begins

I am not going to lie, today was kind of a nightmare.

It started off great. The girls got up and wanted to get going. They cleaned their rooms, made their beds, and cleaned their assigned bathrooms (yeah!). Then they each read a chapter from one of their books before we got too busy with our day. We had a brief walk with Pippa in the rain before it was time to run errands in preparation for Daddy's arrival and Alivia's 8th birthday party TOMORROW!

Shopping with 3 kids is never fun. Alone, they all act great. Together is like throwing gas on a fire. Asher is wild, Addison is loud and Alivia is provoking. Seriously, someone help me! Nope, nobody is is just me. I pulled through, but lost a peace of my sanity somewhere on 84th Street between Super Target and HyVee.

We took a walk, played outside, make cupcakes and got ready for Alivia's party. Somewhere along the line, my headache came on from the constant bickering, tattling and rough housing going on. Really? Whose kids are these? They have gone totally mad on me. At least Asher did not wet his parts today (Yes, he started doing that during Chris' time away this time. Not sure if it is related or not, but sometimes he just stands there and goes, even when standing in the bathroom. He is learning to do laundry now, so I believe that will fix the problem...just kidding. :) ).

As the day comes to a close, kids are clean, well fed and watching a nice and quiet movie. Table and decorations are in place for Alivia's party and adorable cupcakes (if I do say so myself) are all ready for her big make over party.

Looks like we made it! I can't believe it! After almost gluing my hands together with Gorilla Glue this afternoon, I believe we just squeaked by in the making it category. Seriously, I can not keep up with this madness...but I guess this is the new normal. I better get used to it. Sounds like Chris is scheduled to return to Florida in later June, right around Father's Day, and just in time to completely miss our vacation to the Lake.

I love his job, I love his job, I love his job...gotta keep saying that because at least he has one, right?

And tomorrow morning, we will pick him up just in time to celebrate Alivia's birthday...and we can't wait!!
Addi, hard at work. :)
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everydayimages said...

Oh man! I hear ya about the crazy kids. I hope today was better, Chris returns home without a hitch, and Alivia has a wonderful birthday! Way to go surviving his away time! WOW!