Saturday, May 26, 2012

Alivia Turns 8!


1. Favorite  color: Pink
2. Favorite Toy: iPod touch
3. Favorite Fruit: Strawberries
4. Favorite TV show: Horse land
5. Favorite thing to eat for lunch: Wheat thins, with turkey pepperoni and cheese
6. Favorite Outfit: Doggy t shirt and gray shorts
7. Favorite Game: Spy Mouse
8. Favorite Snack: Granola Bar
9. Favorite Animal: Kitten
10. Favorite song: Fireworks
11. Favorite Book: Ivy and Bean
12. Best Friend: Zoe
13. Favorite Cereal: Chocolate mini wheats
14. Favorite thing to do outside: Roller Skates
15. Favorite drink: lemonade
16. Favorite Holiday: Christmas
17. What do you like to take to bed with you at night? Kitten
18. Favorite thing to eat for breakfast? Chocolate mini wheats
19. Pizza Hut Beef pizza and bread sticks.
20. What do you want to be when you grow up? A veterinarian

Yesterday, Alivia turned 8 years old!  What a crazy, fun day we had!
The kids were awake early, making cards for Alivia's birthday and for Daddy, who was scheduled to fly home at 10:30. We hurried around getting ready, cleaning up a bit, preparing the last minute things for the party, getting propane for Daddy's grill (I know, I should have done that sooner!), and stopping at Old Navy. After a quick stop at home, we were off to get Daddy.
The excitement level was so loud on the way to the airport, that I had to make a stop to rearrange kids. Seriously, Shhhhh!
Daddy arrived right on time. But, after being awake most of the night, he looked exhausted. We went home had lunch, and Alivia's friends soon arrived for her makeover party. Daddy decided to stay home with Addison and Asher, who really did not want to go to the salon with Alivia and her friends. Daddy took at catnap while Addi and Asher watch a movie. They got their cuddles in while Daddy was able to shut his eyes, even if for a little bit.

Meanwhile, Alivia and her friends Gabby, Zoe and Sydney were getting all pampered at Concepts Salon in SW Omaha. The girls had their hair styled with sparkles, nails done and make up applied. They had fun and looked beautiful before and after their make overs. It is fun for girls, at any age, to get all glammed up, right? They had popcorn and lemonade before being ready to head for home.

Back at home, they shared pink cupcakes with sprinkles and a m&m cherry on top along with ice cream. They were a huge hit. After Alivia opened her presents, the girls went outside to play a while before I took them home.
Alivia wanted her party with her Grandparents to be on her birthday, too, calling to invite them just this week! They arrived around 6:30 to Alivia favorite, Pizza Hut pizza and bread sticks (Okay, her favorite is Mamas pizza, but we were too tired to go and get it. So Pizza Hut is her second favorite.). Grandma Bet made her a cute cat cake fit for a princess. It was a fun, but wild night. They kids were crazy wild after cake, cupcakes, candy, and pizza. Ugh...

Alivia had a fun birthday. She loves her new chair and Polly Pockets pool toy for Grandma Kathy and Grandpa Bob, her pink camera for Grandma Bet and Grandpa Bill, and from us she got a lot of clothes, swimming suit (From Addison), pool toys (from Asher), pink watch, and a matching pink butterfly backpack and lunchbox. She should be set for a while!

Happy 8th Birthday, Alivia!

Goodie Box: Box from Target containing cupcake bubble bath, body wash and lotion (pink from bath and body works), fingernail polish in pink, lip balm and nail stickers.

All pink, Alivia's favorite color.

Nothing like a M&M cherry!




New Chair from Grandma Kathy and Grandpa Bob

Make a wish!

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