Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Mommy Makeover

Today I FINALLY got my hair done. This is a big deal since I have not gone to the salon since December! Yes, that is totally nuts. No wonder I looked horrible (I realize my hair is only part of the problem).


...Asher and I went to Iowa to visit my parents. Asher played, went to the local hardware store (which I understand to be quite an experience), went to the playground, to the Church, and then to the Bar (yes, Aunt Marsha took him into the bar...his first experience in an old time bar). He had quite the morning. Meanwhile, I went to my mom's hair stylist to get my hair done. My previous stylist (and my mom's too), in Omaha moved. That was a big reason why I had not gotten my hair done. That and I hate to take Asher. So, this worked out. I went to the salon a blond with shoulder length hair and came out a brunette with a bob. Love it by the way.

I wonder if Chris will notice when he comes home. I am actually really wondering.

Anyway, Asher got his hair cut, too. HE SO NEEDED IT! He has it done when Chris does, so Chris obviously really needs a haircut, too!

We arrived back in Nebraska just in time to get out of the car and walk up to get the girls. Funny, the girls both had a hard time spotting me after school today. I kept what we were doing today a secret.

It feels so good to have a small part of me looking good. Now, if I can just repeat the look...I will be happy.

Mommy before (pony tail with wet hair after doing turbo fire this morning).
 Mommy after, with new hair! Totally over exposed picture via ipad...but it works to show off my new hair.
Asher before: ALL GRINS

Asher after, with Grandma and Grandpa


everydayimages said...

Love your new style! Looks great! Love your shades too! :) Nothing like getting new hair. I hope the hubs notices, that feels good too.

The Austin Life said...

Thanks...it's growing on me. I love making big changes every once in a while. Is your pool open yet? We need to take road trip and meet up at the pool!

everydayimages said...

I think it opens up soon. Still kind of cold. I would love to meet you! Over a year of online correspondence, I say we have to actually meet this summer! :)