Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Making Mud Pies

Today was the first time I have ever taken any kid to Mud Pies at the Fontenelle Forest and we have been members for at least 4 years (that is REALLY sad!). I have seen it in their monthly newletter, and I had decided to start taking Asher in January. Well, it is May and I finally took him today. What can I say, it took me a while!

Today's theme was worm play. There were real worms and worm activities throughout the room in the basement of the forest building where Mud Pies is held from 9:30-11:30 M, T, and W throughout the school year. Yes, I said the school year. There is only 1 left of this year until they are off until summer. I barely got Asher to one of them! I know, totally bad mom here.

Anyway, Asher and his friend Xander started with Dot Art, play doh, looking out the window into the forest, searching for worms in the sand, making an art project on the easel (Asher's was very colorful), having a snack of a graham cracker (dirt) with a gummy worm on top, playing around in the rest of the basement awhile before making it back to make a worm out of clay. Oh, and they had bubbles and chalk to play with outside. It was a fun morning. One could come and go as you please, it was not set up so you are stuck there. This was my real fear. So, I may actually go back! Asher did not socialize with any kids except Xander, but he was able to use his mind and creativity. And, it is just good for him to get out and experience new things (and play with worms).

Now it is time to clean up this messy house since we have not been home lately. I have laundry screaming at me from all parts of the better get to it.

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