Thursday, May 17, 2012


Yep, that describes me to a T.

Seriously, I am not cut out for this Mommy AND Daddy role. During Chris' last trip, I was able to go and visit him during the middle, breaking things up. That was so nice! Also, it was not nice enough to do ALL of this outside stuff. I mean I mowed, but it was not like it really needed it. Now, it really needs it. And, it really needs to be trimmed, watered, UGH! Never mind that I have piles of laundry to do and put away, a house that I have yet to spring clean (and it is almost summer), and Asher and I are never home during the day.

This is what we have been doing. Some of it I have brought on myself, feeling the need to keep Asher active, socialized with his peers, and learning. The other I just really can not prevent.

Yesterday, Asher and I went to the last Mud pies at the forest. We did not have much time, but Asher was able to play in the mud, paint, blow bubbles, eat mud on a stick (aka a fudge sickle) and more. He had fun! He loves to paint and do the dot art (which we have at home and he refuses to do). He is very polite and plays nicely with the other kids.

After Mud Pies, it was off to pick up cupcakes so Addi could celebrate her summer birthday in school. This is weird to me, but Addi was so excited. She really wanted cupcakes even though I tried to convince her that something else would be better. Since we were going to school anyway, Asher and I decided to eat lunch with the girls one more time this year. Sad, next year they will be in 1st and 3rd grades! How is that possible?!

After lunch, Asher and I had to run to 90th and Maple (another planet really) to pick up ribbons for Asher's soccer team for Chris, then go to Von Maur to pick up something for Alivia's upcoming birthday. We arrived home just in time for the girls to arrive home from school via carpool.

After a quick snack, we were out the door to swim. Grandma Bet and Grandpa Bill surprised us by stopping into swim to watch the kids. That was so nice! The kids were thrilled. As a special treat, they said they would take the kids out to eat. Why do the kids always want to go to McDs? We have to get them on a better tasting path.

After getting home, I totally forgot I had to mow! It was 7pm now. I guess it was not dark. So, I mowed while the kids played. Work out, somehow.

Today was no different really. Asher and I left at 9:15 for a dentist appointment, followed by a play date and picnic at the park. I watched Asher's friend Will for his Mommy who was not feeling well, followed by watching his sister, too, briefly, after school until we had pick up Alivia from an Ice cream party at schoo, then go to swim. Tonight was the last night of swim. The kids all advanced swim levels (yeah!) and LOVED it. If I only had another kidney to spare, I would sign them up for more.

After dinner out again, errands at Costco, we arrived home late again tonight.

You see why I can not get catch up? I just need to stay home!

Tomorrow. Tomorrow I will stay home. Right after I do about 10 things away from home. :)
Happy swimmer, Alivia

Addi is the craziest swimmer...but she loves it!

Asher, who will continue swimming in the fall.

Mud Pies!

Little artist

Happiest Little boy!

Determination, to make the perfect bubble!

Lunch at school (Gabby and Alivia).

Xander (Gabby, Above's brother) and Asher at the playground. It was a beautiful day to be at the park!

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Courtney F said...

Man, don't spread yourself too thin or you will get sick! Take care! I hope Chris comes back sooner than later, although I know he just left.