Tuesday, May 08, 2012


Seriously, this boy has had some zingers or Chrisisms lately. Where does he come up with this stuff?!

* "Ask and I shall receive." hesitates, then, "Wait, that is not right." But really, I think it is. :)
* "I think I am losing my hair. Check out my receding hairline. I should not be surprised with 3 kids, a wife and a bleapy job." Okay, the kids and I are right before the bleapy job?! I think he thought he was funny...but I did not see it. :)
* I was fanning him off after his run and he said, "Just like the goddesses used to do only they were sexy" Um, what?! He quickly correctly himself saying I was not dressed sexy, but I feel what he was saying.

OM...he has so many, and I have forgotten them. I will have to come back to this.

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Courtney F said...

Nice Goddess comment... :-) Husbands they think they are so funny.... after so many years, they either need new material or a new audience.