Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Home Alone

That's right, the kids and I are home alone, again. Chris left Monday morning dark and early (4:30 am to be exact) for another trip to Florida. This time, I feel more prepared than I was on his first trip. Although I may know what to expect, this time I do not get to visit Chris in the middle of his 12 day trip.

The kids and I are keeping busy. They are in their second week of swim camp this week, so every night we have that to keep us busy (and they shower after swim class, too, making it work out better for me, too). Then we come home and eat a later dinner (since I have to cook it after getting home at 6 pm).

That leads me to the next thing I have been doing this time. During the first trip, I let the kids take turns selecting what to eat each night for dinner. This time, I am selecting different, healthy, dinner options that Daddy would probably not eat. I am starting a new exercise regimen since I can not run outside. My new workout program (given to me by Chris for Mother's Day), came with a 5 day kick start plan with a healthy meal plan selection. I have been using that to start off our new foods. I will blog about that later.

On Monday, Asher and I had tuna salad for lunch. Asher learned he does not like tuna, and gagged. Monday night, I introduced cottage cheese mixed with pineapple with their dinner. Addison and Asher loved it! I had no idea how much protein was in cottage cheese. Tonight, we had salmon for dinner. They all liked it, and I loved it. But, I already knew I loved it. In the morning, I have been making egg beaters, and Asher usually joins me in eating them. I accidentally bought the southwestern style ones, but I am making them work.

For me, adding these new food items is huge. First of all, I always eat oatmeal for breakfast. If I run out, I eat chocolate special K. For lunch I typically have greek yogurt, fruit and veges. Dinner, I usually eat whatever we have for dinner as a family. I RARELY eat much in the way of protein. If we have chicken for dinner, I do not eat the chicken and just eat the other items and eat something non protein with it. I make sure they kids have all the nutrients on their plate, but I skip the protein. My body is not happy with me as we complete day 2, and I really am craving chocolate (something that is not to be included in the first 5 days. Needless to say, I will be breaking that rule!). Additionally, I love snacking. I snack on anything. With this, I am to snack on a banana and peanut butter, veges with dip, raw almonds, etc. I find these snacks, although healthy, really boring. I am also finding that the diet is not enough for me to eat. I am really hungry for a morning snack, and I do not necessary eat a morning snack typically. I am starving by dinner. Tonight is better as I found the salmon with rice and veges more filling what I had for dinner last night. I will try anything once...and this I will definitely only do once.

Tomorrow is baked potato night. Chris DOES NOT eat baked potatoes, so the kids have never had them at home. You see, when I was a kid, we ate what my dad liked. Well, in our house, we eat what Daddy likes...which is pretty limited. I do not have much variety in my food likes either, but I have more variety than Chris does (Again, that is not saying much).

Maybe Chris will have to adjust to salmon, baked potatoes and tuna when he comes home. But, I doubt it.

We are making our time alone count as much as it does when Daddy is here. The kids talk to Daddy every night, but we have yet to have face time with him. They all miss him, but I believe Alivia, then Addison are affected the most. Asher does not seem to be phased at the moment.

The countdown has begun until Daddy comes home...

9 days, 13 hours, 11 minutes

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