Friday, May 04, 2012

Who's Reading?

I would love to know..."Who is reading The Austin Life?"

I have a vague idea of who is reading, but I have no idea specifically.

So, who is reading this blog? It does not matter so much other than I am just curious. I mean, I write the blog to document our family life, not for readers. I also blog to vent occasionally. I try not to offend anyone, assuming someone is actually reading.

What other blogs do you read? Or, maybe you have your own blog you could share. Well, I add and delete some every week. I delete the ones that I find offensive or just no longer interesting, and try to add some that I can learn from or find interesting.
A girl a virtually met through the 365 project who lives in Fremont. Someday we will actually meet!
This blog I added last week. Really sad as the bucket list for Avery is now complete, but she is probably still working on it in Heaven.
A friend's blog who has 2 adorable little girls.
Also a friend...but she has not updated in a long time.

I am always on the hunt for home updating blogs, too.
Everything home
Local interior design firm that posts amazing before and after shots! LOVE!

And lastly, food blogs or websites:

So you see, I don't keep it a secret what blogs I follow. So, please share your good ones. Please just post me a comment.


Gina and Derek said...

I read celebrity gossip blogs, friend blogs, and work blogs:) I also use the flipboard app to inscribe to them--love!

The Austin Life said...

Thanks Gina! Humm, I need to look into the flipboard app...I believe I have it but never used it. Looks like you are my only admitted reader. Thank goodness that we really know how many readers we have, right?! :)

Angie Emerick said...

I read your blog Krista. I love to hear what your family is up to and will admit that a lot of your struggles sound like mine and your opinion of things matches mine. Gee did we have similar upbringing? :) I get behind sometimes and have to catch up on things. I have other friends that blog about their families and it is a great way to keep in touch.

Angie (Boysen) Emerick

The Austin Life said...

Hi Angie! Glad to hear ur reading...Glad my opinions do not scare you. :) Keep in touch!