Monday, May 07, 2012

Swim Camp Begins

Tonight was day one of Swim Camp for the kids through Swim Barb Swim School. The kids were excited, especially Asher who has been taking lessons there for a few weeks now. The girls both learned how to swim there as well, and now just take annual swim camp lessons to fresh up their skills before hitting the pools this summer. Alivia rocks in the pool this year! I clearly put her in the wrong class! She should have been in a level where she was challenged more. Addison and Asher are in a full class plus one, which is a little frustrating (3 is full and they have 4 kids including one very small new swimmer). Is is crazy busy with 2 sets of lessons plus one set of private lessons going on at the same time. YIKES! But, the kids are learning. Alivia has the same instructor as she has had for the last 2 years...which is especially nice.

Let's hope we can advance a little before we head out to enjoy all the area pools.
I love that they are like stair steps in height. That will not be forever.

Matching swimming suits suiting their personalities and favorites (Alivia pink, Addi purple, Asher all blue).

Crazy full pool!

Asher's turn.

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