Monday, May 21, 2012

Missing Daddy

Gees, being a single mom is exhausting!

Sunday we were busy with Mass, going to the store for more fruit, getting a treat, and then playing at home. The day flew by! Meanwhile, Daddy took in a movie in Florida. He hated being stuck there over the weekend (Sounds rough, right?! :) Really, I have been in his shoes, being in a hotel room alone over the weekend just bites).
Today Asher and I hit a Zumba class while my membership is still valid. Funny, after an hour long turbo fire work out, I did not care for Zumba. It was still fun, but I was counting the minutes until I could stop moving! We raced home, I got cleaned up, and picked up my friend's little boy while their home got packed up (they are!). Asher had fun with Evan (who is just so cute!). We are really going to miss them. Evan's brother came over after school for a while, too. So, by 8pm, Asher was asleep within 5 minutes. He was wore out from a full day.
I am finding two weeks to be a long time this time without it being broken up by a trip to Florida. Although Chris swears he will not go again, I am not holding my breath. So, if he goes again, we may just have to sneak in a Florida vacation.
Chris has his plate full while in Florida, working on what should be a team project...alone. He is not happy about that, either. He is really looking forward to his return home, and so are we! It is just so weird here without him. It is a lot of work, too, playing the Mommy and Daddy role.
We did come up with some new meals:
Baked potato night, Tuna salad (for Addison), Make your own pizza, salmon, wraps and flat outs (that the girls are now taking to lunch!). I wonder if Daddy will eat any of these things...I have my doubts.
The countdown continues until Chris returns...
Sunday treat

Sunday Bike Ride.

Evan and Asher swinging.

Evan and Alivia, Off roading.

Baked potato night...Asher and Addi loved baked potato night!

I have no idea what they were looking at...?

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