Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day 2012

On Memorial Day, we have an annual tradition to go to my parents house for a picnic. It used to be that we went to Grandma Vera's in Shelby following the service at the cemetary. We would grill hotdogs and have a picnic with my Dad's side of the family.

Well, that has all changed since my Grandma passed away 3 years ago. Now, it is my parents and us. Pretty small group, but it is hardly quiet (aka Alivia, Asher and Addison - LOUD). But that's okay, I actually like it better this way.

The service was windy and chilly as usual. Alivia and Asher walked the flowers up to the tomb of the unknown soldier as Addison cuddled nearby. Addison, interesting enough, wanted to visit Grandpa George's grave site, my Grandpa who died when Addison was maybe 15 months old. Addison has a way of bringing up Grandpa George like she still talks to him. So sweet. We visited the other family members who have gone before us before heading out to my parents.

The kids played in what turned out to be a really nice day. We ate outside, which was wonderful. Alivia learned to drive the golf card, preparing to drive a real car (okay, she has 8 year, but she wants to learn now!). Asher and Addison rode with Grandpa around in the tractor. Asher could do this all day! He loved moving the loader up and down! There are so many fun things to do on the farm!

After all that fun, we were wiped. What a great way to thank our service men (and my dad) for their service and also celebrate the unofficial start of summer. Now, bring on the pool weather and let's go to the pool!

Let the service begin.

Cuddling up to stay warm, or something.

Flowers for the Unknown Soldier

Alivia & Asher placing flowers on the tomb of the unknown soldier. Grandpa Bill is saluting to the very left.

The kids think Grandpa (far right) is the Leader since he calls the shots - "Hip, Hip, Hip Hop Hip" is what they think he says. :)

Asher, standing by Wade's grave sight, seeing who he is named after by all his chopper items surrounding him, even in death.

Learning to drive, oh no!

Asher and Grandpa Bill (Addison is seated in there some place).

The airplane...coming along.

Chris hooking something up way into the belly of the airplane.

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