Friday, June 01, 2012

The Lincoln Children's Zoo

Today we visited the Lincoln Children's Zoo with our friends Stacy, Elijah, Evan and Sydney (who are moving in 3 weeks...big boo!). The weather was mild making it the perfect day for walking through the zoo. The Lincoln zoo is a much smaller zoo than the Omaha zoo, but we find it a nice, small, change of pace. We see some different animals all on a level playing area (no hills). It is child focused, keeping everything at their level. There are many things for kids to do, pet rats, see bugs up close (and touch them if you so desire), ride horses or a camel, take a train ride twice around the zoo, dig for dino bones in the sand, and much, much more. It is a fun change of pace (wait, did I already say that?). I wish I would have known about the zoo sooner.

We arrived shortly after 10. It was crowded, but not too crowded. With 6 kids, Stacy and I had our hands full. Asher and Elijah were crazy at times, but somehow we were able to manage. After spending the morning looking at animals, we stopped for a picnic lunch right by the play area and the dig for dino bone area. The kids had fun doing that. Asher was exhausted after that, after staying up late last night waiting for us to come home from our date. We finished our visit around 1:30 when at least 2 out of the 6 really needed a nap (but Addison was a close 3rd!).

The Lincoln Zoo is a fun place to visit, even for us spoiled Omaha Zoo goers. It is just a fresh experience. The kids really appreciate the kids approach to everything. Alivia liked everything, Addison liked the playground and the bones (go figure, no animals), and Asher liked the monkeys. I liked that you can actually touch the butterflies!

Until our next visit...

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everydayimages said...

How fun! We love that zoo too. It's a nice slower pace and totally can be done in a day. I'd rather be a member of the Omaha zoo and visit Lincoln once or twice a year. Great pics!