Saturday, June 02, 2012

Public or Build our Own

It is no secret, I have always wanted a backyard pool. I lived on a farm away from a public pool and had to swim in a cow tank (really!). We had the space, but my parents thought it would get too dirty with all the farming going on around us. Fast forward a few years...and here I am, in a different location with the same desire. I want an inground pool. I know they are expensive, difficult to maintain, not real safe for little kids (but our kids know how to swim now!), etc, etc. I get all of that. But, read this...then I think I could get more on my side, the side to having your own backyard pool. This article is making me rethink getting a pool pass to ANYWHERE this summer! I DO NOT PEE IN THE POOL and my kids are forced on potty breaks every hour. Seriously?! Nasty!

Swimming pools or toilet bowls?
Cow tank "Pool." My pool did not look quite this "nice", however. Luckily, at least cows were not drinking out of it!


Courtney F said...

Oh I read that when you posted on FB. GROSS! I want one too, but we should probably buy a house first. My dream is to live in a condo that comes with one...

The Austin Life said...

Oh...great idea! My neighbor's parents live in a condo and take our kids with their family sometimes to their pool. Would be ideal! My hubs had to drag me out of our apt bc of the pools. Still miss it. And e good news was I was at the apt pool no pee! :)