Sunday, June 17, 2012

Me Wear Short Shorts

At what age is one too old to wear shorter shorts? I had a friend comment last week that she would never wear shorts as short as I do (and I was wearing the shorts pictured). She said it nicely, and she did not mean any ill will by it (she is a friend after all), but it still got me to thinking. Am I too old to wear short shorts?

So, I came home and asked Chris, "Am I too old to wear these shorts?"

His response, "If you have it, flaunt it. You won't always have it. I mean, you can't go wearing those when you are 80, so you better wear them now. I like them." Of course he likes them!

First of all, I most certainly do not "have it." Chris sees me through husband eyes and therefore speaks as my husband. So, what is the rule on shorts of the shorter kind? Is there an age limit? If so, am I past it?

For now, as long as I am having a good body image day, I will wear them. Really, I am a 30 something girl who likes to wear fun clothes when I have them. So, whatever. Since when does what people think matter to me anyway? So what if my legs are not perfect. Wait until you see them when I am 80!


Courtney F said...

I agree with Chris, you have it, flaunt it! I don't know age limits, but you are so active that you can get away with it. I think it's in the attitude. You feel confident, then do it. :-)

Courtney F said...
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The Austin Life said...

Lol Courtney! I'm not sure I have anything but the short shorts!