Friday, June 22, 2012

Daddy Update

I'm quite hesitant to post an update on Chris as it seems to change on a daily basis. it goes.

Obviously, he did not have to make the trip to Florida on Father's Day as planned.. He is still waiting for some things before making the first test on his project. It sounds like he is going to try to do the first test remotely from home, but we will see. It is difficult to plan our life when we don't know where he will be and when. I had people planned to help me with things as I am going through going chartless at work and am needing to be away during bizarre hours for computer training.

Since he is so bored (sarcasm), his home office has now given him a task to work on in addition to his many responsibilities in Florida. Chris did not seem to mind, however, because he is welcoming work locally and he did not think this task would take many man hours. So now he is expanding his role even more, while continuing to work from home in his office he created upstairs, now. The kids like knowing he is here, but it is still difficult for them to understand he is here, but he can not play right now.

As for the Florida position, Chris is considering applying to be the full time person in Florida. With that said, he would like to do it from his current home office, perhaps stepping up the travel as needed to make more of a presence in Florida, at least for the time being. This is just in the talking stage, however. This is a new development, so it may or may not pan out.

He continues to look for local opportunities, keeping every option open. With that said, May is graduation time. New graduates are generally cheaper to hire. The market for experienced people is difficult.

There you have it, the update in a nutshell. I hope to go and visit him over the weekend again the next time he goes to Florida, as long as I can find care for the kids. I considered taking one of the kids with me, and I have not ruled that out, but I'm not sure how to make it fair. So...we will see about that. I know they would LOVE to see the ocean.

And the roller coaster continues...

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Courtney F said...

I am sorry you guys are going through this job roller coaster. I hope he finds the right opportunity and it works out for the best for your family. Take care!