Monday, June 11, 2012

Asher at Barnyard Adventures

Asher & Xander before Barnyard Adventure Class one (Asher looks scared to death!).

Asher did not go to preschool last year even though he was old enough (3 years old) to go. I believe kids are in school enough, and he could learn preschool skills from me and socialize with his friends. So, that is what we did. I realize this method is highly controversial, but so be it. He is a smart little boy and will do just fine without being in a preschool at 3. I mean really, he was a toddler!

This fall, however, he will be attending preschool. So, in preparation, he attended Barnyard Adventures, a preschool class through the YMCA, that was today and again on Wednesday. The girls were in Catholic Education, so the timing was perfect. And, his friend Xander was there, making it easier for Asher to say good-bye to me. He was so worried that he might cry. But, he did great. I signed him in at the door and he was off to play.

Two hours with no kids and Chris went into work (shocker, I know) for an all hands meeting, so I was at home alone. I got up early to run, but I did not do my turbo fire work out. So, I decided I would do that for 65 minutes. Shoot...that may have been a bit much after running. I was drenched in sweat and overheated. Whew! Could I have not thought of something a little more relaxing to do with my time?!

I caught up on emails, read a couple blogs, showered and was just on time to pick up Asher. Asher was actively doing the activity with the rest of the kids when I picked him up. He said he had so much fun (like he was a bit surprised by how fun it was). He reported that "I did not get to write my name," since he is so proud that he can do so, "but I did make this chicken." And, "Mommy, I did not cry!" He believe this came as a shock even to Asher. So cute.

It will be different come fall, but the time he is in preschool will go by fast. I am sure I will keep busy. It is when he goes to SCHOOL that I am worried about. Ahh...they grow up too fast! Gotta soak up the chaos while I can, right?!

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Courtney F said...

It's so true! Honestly, I never would have sent Ana at 3, except it was my first year home with her, we moved here and she was used to daycare, so she was LONELY at home with me all day. I found a preschool, it was not the best one out there, but she made connections and it was OK. Kids don't need it at 3, it's not hard core academics when they have involved parents, but to each their own. When you love your kids, your choices won't be wrong. I am so glad he had a great time. He will be so ready for his preschool classes in the fall. Good job to both of you!