Friday, June 01, 2012

May in Review

May was a busy month filled with many things. We visited the safari, the forest, Mud pies at the forest, Children's Museum twice, Gene Leahy Mall twice, swim camp, had many picnics and play dates, and spent a lot of time outside. Chris went to Florida for another 2 weeks, returning on Alivia's 8th birthday. Alivia finished up the 2nd grade on May 23. She had a makeover party for her birthday inviting her closest friends on her birthday, the 25th. She has been using her new camera and sleeping in her new chair ever since. Addison finished Kindergarten! Crazy how fast that first year went. She is happy to be at home with me again (and Daddy too, at least in spirit). Asher celebrated his half birthday, now 4 1/2! His energy is so high that he is difficult to keep up with anymore. He has become more independent now, which is fun to see. He is such a sweet boy. I have kept busy just keeping up with the kids and their activities as well as Chris and his travels. Chris being gone and working so much has been a big challenge and adjustment for me, the kids and especially Chris. It does not look to change anytime soon, so we better get used to Daddy being gone for half the month for a while anyway. I have taken up a new workout, Turbo Fire, and completely love that! It is totally my new addiction. I now run every other day (when Chris is home) along with turbo fire daily.
The girls are on summer the daily fun has begun. We are looking forward to a full June!

Now...for a look back at May in Pictures...

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