Friday, June 29, 2012

First Trip to Werner Park

Last night, on one of the hottest days of the year, Chris got us tickets to see the Storm Chasers at Werner Park in Papillion (thank you Courtney for your great blog on the Storm Chasers! What a positive influence you are! :) ). What a clean stadium! It seems small, but it works. We arrived just prior to game time, parking in the free parking zone. The free parking zone is just behind the $2 zone, so really, it is not that much more walking. And, it does not kill us to walk! We needed our $2 for all the sodas, ice cream cones, hotdogs, cotton candy and kids zone passes once inside. :)

We found our seats in section 107. Chris work has season labeled seats (how cool is that?!). They are pretty good ones, too. Chris and I tried to keep Addison and Asher interested in the game by having them pretend they were batting, swinging at the pitches. It seemed to work. It also distracted us from the sweat dripping down our faces, chests, legs, etc. We were soaked! It looked like we went swimming in our clothes, not to a baseball game. The smell of beer was overwhelming (okay, I do not perhaps I am more sensitive.).

As the Storm Chasers were getting blown away, the kids wanted to go to the Kid Zone. For $5 a child, they can jump in one of 3 bouncers (maybe 4), ride the carousel, or play on the gigantic rainbow play set. Addison and Asher played and played. Asher was beginning to look a little too hot, having a sweaty purplish tone to his face, his hair wet, he was just HOT! It was time for some cold ice cream and more to drink! It was Thirsty Thursday, with 12oz drinks for a $1. Thank Goodness! It was SO HOT! It was so hot that the ice cream fell off of the cone and I caught it on my chest, catching it before it fell to the ground. Asher did not mind as he continued to try and eat the cone before it melted. What a mess. (And, DO NOT eat the ice cream there. It does not taste like ice cream and has side effects of many bathroom trips. Just saying. Don't say I did not warn you).

We cleaned up and went back to our seats. The sun was now behind the stadium, offering a little less of a sweaty environment. It was not cool, but it was perhaps a little more tolerable. At about the 6th inning, Addison started whining. She did not look good. Too much heat maybe??!! We stayed until the 7th inning, hit the play zone again, then made our way out of the stadium. The Storm Chasers were sure to lose until they had a HUGE final inning rally.

Addison's favorites: The carrousel, the play zone in general, the ice cream cone and the baseball game (but only after Asher said it.
Asher's Favorites: The play zone, the base ball game, ice cream cone and the cotton candy.
My favorite: Thirsty Thursday with drinks $1. Too bad we did not realize this included soda until the 5th inning!
Chris' favorite: Sweating half his body weight in 20 minutes, hot dog and drinking endless supply of coke, and sitting watching the game instead of watching a computer monitor. :) We are so lucky he got us tickets! I asked...and he got them within a few days! Amazing!

Werner Park is right down highway 370 from our home. It is so close and convenient, that we were surely go again. Maybe next time we will select a milder temperature day. We all had a blast, ate too much, drank not enough, lost 1/2 our body weight in sweat...but it was so worth it! When can we go again?!

Going to Werner Park? Bring your money, a hat, sunscreen, a catchers glove to catch a crazy foul ball if you are so lucky...and have fun!

Riding off into the night...

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everydayimages said...

How fun!!! Thanks for the tips on the free parking and thirsty thurs, I passed along to Scott. The boys have free tickets they need to use up! That is neat that you guys could get tickets so easily from work too! Glad you enjoyed yourselves and that you live so close!