Sunday, July 01, 2012

June in Review

Time for June in Review!
June Pictures.

June was a crazy, fun filled month. We try really hard to make the most out of each day of summer break. And, looking back at the 871 images shot over the month of June, we did a great job. We visited the Lincoln and Omaha zoos, the safari, hit the pool and filled our pool almost daily (and boy, is it HOT!), went to a CWS game and a Baseball game at Werner Park, the OCM, the forest, hit up many playgrounds, had many playdates, celebrated Father's Day, went to the Rose, and Alivia ended the month by going to the Lake with Grandma Bet and Grandpa Bill! Gees! Time to relax in July!

Asher has turned into a crazy boy as his routine alone with me has been turned upside down with the girls being home. He spends his time picking on Addison, which is really annoying. He is adjusting, ever so slowly. He has started working on his summer workbook, but has not found a love for doing it quite yet. Asher is still obsessed with Netflix.

Addison has been begging all month to see her friends. She is slowly adjusting to being at home again, spending a lot of time crying and whining, though. Humm...not sure what to do about that. She is really hard to keep happy. She did finish her first summer Catholic Education and loved that. She loves swimming, too, and getting out and playing with her billion dogs and dolls. Addison will be turning 6 in 12 days!

Alivia is now at the Lake of the Ozarks with Grandma Bet and Grandpa Bill, spending a week there with them. She has done great, not getting outwardly homesick (strange!). She loves the lake. She finished her 3rd summer Catholic Ed program and enjoyed it more now that Addi went too. She loves swimming, too, but also loves anything to do with her iPod touch.

Chris is still working at home. Love having him at home, hate that he is working all the time. His work is just Ever changing, but it is a job. He is leaving only for a week in yeah!!

I am busy computer training at work, learning to chart without paper. Fun. It is SO BORING to go to all of these classes...and I seem to have 1 a week. So, we are really looking for a week to go to the lake! I am looking forward to a vacation!

Onto July!!

Taken at Werner Park on a VERY HOT evening in June!

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