Monday, July 02, 2012

The Fact Is...

Anderson Cooper Announced, "The Fact is, I'm Gay."

Okay, who cares?! Seriously, who cares?! The fact is, who isn't gay?!

The fact is, I am a heterosexual married mom of 3? Who says that?! Do I, as a person, need to announce my sexuality?! Oh, maybe I should do this on Facebook. That seems like a great place to do that.

Why am I so upset? Well, first of all, I do not really care if you are black, white, purple or yellow. Does not matter. I do not care if you like girls, boys, or both. If you are a nice person, it really does not matter who you are sexually attracted to, or whatever. I may not necessarily agree with your sexuality, but I do believe in being kind as Jesus would be. I would not stop talking or loving a person simply because they are Gay or a Lesbian. I don't care. If you are a nice person, again, it does not matter.  I am not sure Jesus agrees with everything I do, either, and do not believe Jesus asks you at the Gates of Heaven...

"What is your sexuality?"

Since I have not been to Heaven, I could be so wrong here, however. With having said that, I do not believe God makes us gay. I will leave it at that.

What if you saw a friend wearing this on her facebook page?
Nice, shirt, huh? I actually think it is kinda funny, but I have a bizarre sense of humor. But, this is what my sister chose to wear and place on Facebook. No problem, right? I don't care what her sexuality is, right? Never mind that she has had NOTHING to do with me or my family in 3 years! I don't even know her phone number. I saw her at the baseball game last week and she never said Hello to us before she left (we tried to say hello to her but she left before we made it to her area to say hi). But, she posted this on her Facebook page having NEVER told my parents that she was in fact a lesbian and they WERE her facebook friends! She told me via email a few years ago (I fell in love with a girl at work and her name is... She never said that she was a lesbian, one can gather that). I always knew anyway, so it was never a big secret to me anyway. But, my parents were never told and many people in the small town of 500 (if not less) people that we grew up in were not aware until the picture with the t-shirt. I messaged her saying,
"Funny shirt! Did you realize Mom and Dad did not realize you were a lesbian? That is one way to tell them, I guess. Not the way I would have done it, but it is a way..."
Chris thought I was being rude. I really was not being rude. My Dad saw this picture pop up on his phone while at the Lake (Nikki always seems to have something go on while they are at the lake). Seriously, how would you like to find this out on your phone via Facebook about your daughter?! How selfish can one get?! As a Christian and a nice person (I know, many would argue the nice part), I have learned the Golden Rule, The biblical rule “do unto others as you would have them do unto you” (Matt. 7:12). I would never want to find out anything of any importance on Facebook. Sorry, being a Lesbian is one of those things.

After my message to my sister, she blocked me, my parents and Chris (really? All he has ever done was defend her?!) from facebook. She is a 40 year old acting like 2 year old, how interesting. Seriously, can I have a normal family? What does a "normal" family look like... anyone?

Oh, and I will be forever deleting Facebook (even though we are stockholders now). I think it is utter crap anyway. I was keeping in touch with far away friends that way, keeping up with my favorite vendors, but I was also getting upset by things "friends" were doing, saying or not doing or saying. And, my sister posted that she was a Lesbian on Facebook and then blocked me in a mature act of sisterhood. Lovely. I think I will pass.

Now, I feel better...


everydayimages said...

Family and facebook....I have almost left it MANY times for that reason. It's sad. It's supposed to bring people together and I guess it virtually does, but it also can tear real people apart. I don't know what a real family looks like honestly. I pray that as my kids grow, they continue to be a part of a real family. I hope that things feel better soon. Take care. (Writing sure helps, doesn't it?)

The Austin Life said...

In the end, I did not delete facebook (or at least I have not yet). I have NOTHING on my page anyway. But, there are people that only get a hold of me via facebook. So, for now, it stays. The friend list, however, is limited to those without drama. :) Love ya Courtney! Can't wait to see the images and hear the stories from your trip!