Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Crazy Sleepover Party Gone Wrong

While Daddy is out of town (yes, yet again), I decided to allow, against my better judgement, each of the kids to invite a friend for a sleepover on Monday night (thinking they would be able to catch up on sleep before Daddy's return). Alivia's friend was out of town, so she invited her BFF Zoe. So, Asher invited Zoe's brother Cameron (who is about 10 days older than Asher and has successfully stayed the night previously) and Addison invited her friend Kaitlyn.

It was nuts!

We picked up Kaitlyn at 3:30. Kaitlyn is such a sweet little girl. Addison and Kaitlyn get along well, play quietly, and seem to not be bothered when other kids arrive. Soon - Zoe and Cameron arrived. It was just loud. Six kids in our open floor plan house (I hate open floor plans now) just does not work. The noise was everywhere!

I had things pretty scheduled out, which did help. They made their own pizzas for dinner, which is always fun. The got showered up, played and then it was movie time. I had to make 3 things of popcorn to satisfy this army of kiddos! Once teeth were brushed, stories were read, they were tucked in. First, Cameron wanted to go home. I guess his Daddy was leaving for business trip in the morning and he wanted to see him. So, Zoe and Alivia walked Cameron home. Shortly thereafter, I got a phone call, Zoe wanted to stay with her Daddy, too, but wanted Alivia to stay. Gees, they are leaving like flies!

So, our party ended up small, with just Kaitlyn, Addison and Asher. It was so quiet! Weird.

We will try again...some day. For now, we are all good.

making pizzas

Morning "walk" with Kaitlyn.

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everydayimages said...

What a cute story! While you didn't have 6 kids spend the night, I bet it was nice to lose HALF of your lot. :) How fun!!