Monday, July 23, 2012

Our Old House

I am so behind on blogging...sorry! Life is going at a faster pace than I am.

Last week we met our new friends Courtney, McCartney and Anna over at the splash pad in our old neighborhood. It was my idea since they live in Fremont, it was closer to her than the drive to Papillion (which is on a whole other planet). As we approached our old neighborhood, I began to get a lump in my throat. I wanted to drive by our old house, but I did not want to, ya know? Of course, I did.

Here it is...
From a distance

The tree in the front yard is HUGE and really blocks the house! All the trees our huge, really. A storm took out one of the 4 craps along the street, and one of the crab trees stands at an angle now. Overall, the house looks like it is being taken care of from the exterior. Really, we had just painted and had the yard completely landscaped...the new owners just have to maintain that what we did.

from the back.

Funny, it looks the same with bigger trees. I feel like a piece of me still lives in that house. That was our first home together, where we brought 3 babies home to, and where we started our lives together as a couple. If it had not been for our mean neighbors, we may still be there, who knows. With that said, I like our new neighborhood, nice neighbors (if you do not read the neighborhood facebook page), the size of our new garage, and we love the kids' school. So, all things considered, we are happy here.

The splash pad had changed, too, and was not too busy while we were there. We caught up we Courtney and her kids and also got to see my friend Jill and her kids (so miss you Jill!). It was a fun trip to the other world. But, I think I will stay away from the old neighborhood from now on. We have moved on, and there is no going back.

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Courtney F said...

Oh, it can be so weird going back to where it all began...we are doing that next week. I am sure it was a twilight zone experience.

Great photos of the splash pad time! It was so fun!!