Sunday, June 17, 2012

Summer Catholic Education

The girls were in Catholic Education from 9-12 for the last 2 weeks, finishing up on Friday. Although they were both dreading it, they both had a lot of fun. This year was Addison's first year, and she did great! She does a wonderful job doing things that may be outside the box, unknown to her. Addison just jumps right in. Alivia, well, she sits on the side for a long time seeing if that waters will warm up after a while. We love that our church has the option of doing it in the summer. It works out great for the kids to do it this way. It is one less thing they have to do after school during the school year. And, we get to hear the girls sing all summer long. Today, Alivia was teaching Asher the prayers during the car ride to Iowa. It is so nice to get their education underway and completed.

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