Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Summer Fun List

Nothing happens in our house unless we make it a goal. So here is our summer fun list for 2012, in no order.

* See a couple of the best of summer kid movies (MADAGASCAR 3 was one).

* Read lots of books. 
 The kids are active in the summer reading program at the local library. There is usually a time after an activity where they just want to chill, and that is when we read. I try not to save reading for bedtime during the summer since we have all day.

* Take a vacation at the lake 
The kids did not get to go to the lake last summer since we went to South Carolina (although Chris and I went in August alone). This year, planning any kind of trip has been a challenge with Chris' crazy work schedule. BUT, we have pinpointed a week that we hope to get to the lake. Alivia is trying to sneak in 2 weeks, but I keep telling her she should be lucky to get the one week in. We will see, though.

*  Camp in the backyard
We try to do this every year, and we would like to keep up the tradition. Who knows, perhaps we will get adventurous and camp OUTDOORS! Scary thought I am thinking. Do they have room service in camp grounds?

*  Bake and Cook
The kids love baking. I hope to teach Alivia how to make chocolate chip cookies BY HERSELF! I know, crazy thought, but I am out to try anything.

* Give the kids responsibility
They are starting off great cleaning the bathrooms, their rooms and taking out the trash. I hope to give them a little more eventually. Humm...where to go next.

* Allowance
This summer we are going to start the allowance. Ah...I have research to do.


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everydayimages said...

Sounds like a great to do list! Have fun with that! We do an allowance system. The kids have chores for pay and chores for living in the house. If they complete their chores for pay each day, on Saturday, they get their allowance, which is equal to their age and so are their chores. If they shirk their chores, then they get a pay cut. If they do extra, then we might do something extra fun (that costs money). It's not a perfect system, but it works for us. This year, MC has to set aside money for charitable giving and he chose the amount and then he gets to chose which charity gets it too. I look forward to hearing about what you do. I am always looking for good ideas for teaching kids about money.