Friday, June 15, 2012

Playground Hop

The kids love going to different playgrounds. Before we moved, we used to go to a new playground every week. Now, we do not get around that much. Really, everything is so far away! But, we still manage to get in playdates at different playgrounds, making the kids happy.

Thursday we had a playdate a Walnut Creek. The kids played and played in the sand. Yesterday we went to

Wildewood Park, 8000 Ralston Ave.

in Ralston. Asher brought a bunch of his trucks and played. We even had a picnic. Our friend brought water balloons for extra fun. Both of these parks have restrooms. You have to take your trash with you at Walnut Creek, where that is not the case at the Ralston parks. Walnut Creek is not protected by trees, so you much wear sunscreen and hats. It feels like you are sitting on the sun there. Where the Ralston parks seem to have mature trees and a place to get shade (although sunscreen is still needed, it is a much more comfortable playing environment).

Next week we will start our adventure for new playgrounds.

At Walnut Creek, Papillion.

Asher's friend Xander.

Asher's friend Keegan, who will be moving soon. I think this is a funny shot of Keegs!

All loaded up!

Looks like trouble!

Making sand pies, cupcakes and birthday cake for Xander.

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