Sunday, June 10, 2012

Clearing Out

A few weeks ago, while we were walking home from taking the girls to school, Asher picked up my cell phone and somehow deleted ALL OF MY CONTACTS! Seriously, how does one even do that?! And no, I did not have them backed up.

So, I have been slowly adding them in as people call. I realize I do not have a number when I need it (like when Alivia had strep throat and I did not have the number to the pediatrician!). I actually did not know Chris' cell number until he called me. Many of the numbers I may never get back purely because I am lazy, too lazy to add them back in I guess.

Next, I accidentally deleted my bookmarks. This really made me mad as I had everything set up on my ipad. You see, I have a blog reader, but some of the blogs I follow did not work on there, so I book marked them.   I went to clear the cash (aka history), and somehow deleted my bookmarks! COME ON!

So, I am now clean and clear but out of control.

I promise, I will never touch another button again.

So, if I am not calling you or reading your blog or commenting on your photo site...this is why! I don't know the address/number.


1 comment:

Courtney F said...

That stinks! Man, we don't actually need to remember anything any more, until we do need to remember it. Here's getting back in touch :-)