Thursday, June 07, 2012

Summer Daily Routine

We are finally falling into somewhat of a summer routine. Well, at least a routine for this week.

The girls are in Catholic Education in the mornings this week and next week. They take 2 weeks of summer Catholic Ed (CCD) instead of once a week during the school year. We love it. Although the girls were dreading it, they are both having fun, meeting new friends, and playing with "old" friends, too. Addison is now exciting to recite her prayers before meals. So cute!

After Catholic Education, we have stayed home...every single day. It has been SO NICE! Every day I blow up the pool and fill it. It is semi warm by the time they all climb into play after lunch. They play in the pool, change their clothes and play inside, and then repeat - 2 or 3 more times during the afternoon. I am finding this so much easier than going to the pool where they get bored, tired, hot, cold, hungry, etc, until I cave in and we come home where I end up having to put up the pool anyway. I do not keep the pool up because it gets crazy and slimy (gross I know) if kept out overnight. I still have not decided if I will get a pool pass. I asked the girls and they could not decide either. Hum. Maybe we will just go and see what they think this year. We hope to go to the lake for a couple weeks in July, so I am not sure how much use we will get out of the pass this summer. Never mind that Chris has sent me one too many things on peeing in pools (from the baby diapers that just contain poo to all the kids and people that just pee in the pool because they want to). This whole concept just completely disgusts me. I know, it is just not fun having a nurse for a mom (but I believe everyone should be grossed out by this!). Moving on...

Yesterday Alivia woke up with a sore throat. She was not too excited about going to Catholic Education anyway, so Chris gave her Motrin before I even got downstairs to make breakfast. She did not complain again until mid afternoon when our house was full of friends for the afternoon. Turns out, she had strep throat. After a high dose of antibiotic, she is now good to go. Gees, that was a crazy play date afternoon! So far, she has not shared this with anyone, thankfully.

Our days begin with walking Pippa, filled with playing, and end with walking Pippa. I am sure that will be our routine through the summer. When the kids have down time, we read and work on workbooks to help keep up their school skills. So far, they are not complaining. They love getting prizes at the library for reading!

Let the summer fun continue...
Asher, collecting feathers, on our AM walk

Asher with Elijah

Sydney (Alivia's Friend) with Addison

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