Wednesday, March 03, 2010

February in Review

Whew! We never thought the cold month of February would ever be over! We started the month by more or less saying good-bye to Asher's afternoon nap. The boy just never stops. He will, however, take a nap with me when I nap before an overnight shift (thank goodness!) or on the day after when I finally fall into bed in the afternoon after being awake all night (thank goodness again). I think Asher just really likes his Mommy. Oh, and his favorite word now is "what?"

We stayed active by going to the usual places, OCM, the zoo and to the forest. Asher and I also go to the Saddlebrook library while Addi is in school. I usually check out 14 books for the kids, earning all 3 of them a really nice library bag, and 1 book for me. I finished both of Michael J. Fox's books in 10 days and would recommend them.  

Alivia completed her 100th day of school - at least Bell did. Not sure how many days Alivia has been in school. She has continued to struggle with school, having good and bad days. Addison loves preschool, liking baking the best. We do our share of baking at home, too. Addison likes to stay inside and gets too cold playing outside. Daddy got a raise at work - yeah, ongoing employment! Sounds like he has a secure position through next year now. Good news...none too soon, either. And me, is there ever anything new with me? Nope.

February had so many Holidays it was difficult to keep up with them all. We did kick off Lent and the kids have been doing good. Asher cut out his morning snack, Addison has NOT given up taggie, but Alivia has decreased Spongebob time in the morning (Praise the Lord!). We are on our way. We still give thanks to God together in the morning time. Asher thanked God for books today, while Addison and Alivia thanked God for school.

Bring on March!

February Memories in Pictures

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