Thursday, March 25, 2010

Garage Transformation

Finally, the weather has been nice enough for us to get in the garage and get it organized. Finally, we know where everything is at (and no, Addison's missing clothes and missing things were not found :( ). are the before and after pictures.

You all (and all of Omaha as seen on the news) remembers the before footage:

Moving Day - all empty and clean!All of our stuff STUFFed inside

and the After! We unloaded and unpacked, clearly, organized and put faux wood blinds over the windows from (excellent quality at a great price - about half of the price of anywhere else I priced!).
The tandem sideThe 2 car sideThe wall of stuffWall of stuffThe Back (Notice the laundry room folding table!).

And that is why we needed a 4+ car garage! Look at all that crap! On the car side - we have NO BIKES, NO TOYS, and NO WAGONS HANGING ABOVE THE CARS! There is still a dent in the van from where the cozy coope fell on it. Future plans include a drop zone/bench by the door to the house in which Chris hopes to build this summer. We leave our shoes in the garage, and a bench to sit on and store the shoes would be great! Of course, I will post before and afters whenever that happens.

And any day now we will welcome Chris' motorcycle home after a winter at my parents. Then, we will be full. :)

Onto the next before and after.

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O'Toole said...

So very nice!!! We SO need that space too!!!!