Saturday, March 13, 2010

Conference Time

Thursday evening Grandma and Grandpa watched the kids while Chris and I had conferences at Alivia's school. We have not had conferences since moving to the new school. Alivia was doing well at Standing Bear prior to our move and received an award for being a great kid in school. We were a little worried about her at her new school as we felt we knew less about how she was doing.

At Bell she is doing well, too. Her weak areas are all social. She does not like doing things (reading or volunteering) in front of the class. Overall, for being just a couple months into a new school, her teacher thought she was doing well. They continue to work on time, money, writing skills, and a lot of reading. We are lucky that Alivia likes to learn, but she gets very upset when she does not catch on right away. Luckily, she seems to pick up new skills quickly at this point. Her school favorites are art, PE, and centers.

Addison had report cards handed out, but skipped the actual teacher meeting due to snow days. She is doing well and has changed a lot during her first year of preschool. She likes preschool, too. She is more social than her sister, but she is very good at listening to her teacher. At this point, Addison is left handed. She has a good grip and writes and colors well with her left hand. She knows her address and phone number and will sing it to you if you ask her. We are happy she has done so well in her first year.

And...the school years are well underway.

Asher, March 2010Alivia, March 2010Addison, March 2010

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O'Toole said...

Did Addison have a spring GBH conference?

Austin Family said...

No, we could have scheduled a private time to talk to Mrs. Gohr, who we love, if we wanted to. But, Mrs. Gohr gave Addison a "report card" and wrote us a little note. So, I did not really think it was necessary. They did not have a conference day to make up for snow days I guess.