Monday, March 29, 2010

Playing in the dirt

Playing in the dirt - round 250 wheelbarrows and still going strongMore playing in the dirtNot even close to being done.

Does this look like fun? Well, let me help you out - NO! Our home needs to be backfilled badly. Funny, we lived in our previous home for 9 years and we never did this. Yes, it needed it, too. The problem we have now is that the dirt in sinking all around our home. There are areas of big holes, actually. So, in our free time (ha!), Chris and I (yes, I am not only taking pictures but I am actually helping, too), we are hauling dirt and dumping it around our home. Next, we will have to apply a need layer of mulch before finally planting something in there. By then we will be dead. Ha! 

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