Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Best Gifts

It has been a few months since Christmas. So, what presents are the kiddos, ages 2,3, and 5 still playing with from this past Christmas and from previous years?

1. The Little Tikes Bouncer: This has been the best gift by far. The kids get their exercise, exert some built up winter energy, and play on this daily. Asher generally asks to play with it every chance he can get. He will even jump in it alone. We have it in our basement and will probably keep it here throughout the year, putting it away only as needed. Spider inside not included. :)

2. The crayola glow station: This has been another fun toy. All of the kids like to play with this, although we put it up on the wall in Alivia's closet. It helps keep little minds creative without even a little mess!

3. Melissa and Doug Toys: We love these toys. They are made well and get hours and years of play time!.
Melissa and Doug Cookies: Yummy and fun, the kids play with these several times a week.
Melissa and Doug Cupcakes: We did not decorate ours as it is permanent (weird that they would make it that way). But, just as with the cookies, the kids play with these for hours.
Melissa and Doug Parlor Set: Who does not like icecream? This pretend icecream set steals the show!
Melissa and Doug Pizza: We have had this for a couple years and the kids still play with it. They use it as pizza or take the toppings and stir them in a bowl.

4. Little Tikes Play house: I could not find a picture of the play house we have. Chris' parents bought this for Alivia, I think, when she was small. Grandma bought it from someone at her work at the time (and they are expensive new I believe). We thought, "Lord, where is that going to go?" But, it fit into the basement of both our old address and present address. The kids play in this house a lot.

5. Step 2 Lifestyle Kitchen: This was a Christmas gift for all of the kids in 2008, I believe. It is still played with a lot. These toys take up a lot of wall space...but they are only small for such a short time. It will not be long and they will be on Craigslist and our basement will have extra room, but our kids will be bigger. We like it this way!

6. Little Tikes Picnic Table: DO NOT GET THE JUNIOR! The Jr size is pathetically small. But, the larger one is perfect. We eat on this on most nice days spring through fall! LOVE IT! The kids are already asking to eat on it soon. Who knows...maybe this week!

7. A play set: I hesitate saying, "Get a Rainbow Play Set!" We did not have such good luck with ours. For the price of a nice used car, we thought the play set would hold up better. I think a nice wooden one from anywhere would do the trick. Obviously, it needs to be able to withstand NE storms, which the Rainbow has, to an extent. It was beaten to near death during a hail store a couple years ago, but stained nicely to cover the damage. Our kids play on ours all the time. That is, when it is installed.

8. Character cups and plates: Don't laugh...but the plates we found at the $1 store a few years ago have been a great find! Addison and Asher fight over who gets Spider Man! They are nice in that they slip into the cooler nicely to take on picnics at the zoo, park, or forest. And, they are 2-3 years old and still look great! All of that for a $1!

9. Parent's Brand (sold at Target) picnic set: This set is great! It includes different colored plates, cups and plastic utensils. Alivia got this for Christmas when she was 2 maybe, and it is still a set that they still play with.

10. Pottery Barn Stroller: We have purchased too many strollers, but this dolly stroller has held up the best. It was the Pottery Barn Zooper Stroller (I have a real Zooper Stroller and it is my long time Fav! I will have a really hard time giving it up someday). Addison and Asher themselves have had rides in this thing and it has not broken. Worth the money!! (The one in the link is the twin version of the one the kids have. Theirs is a single. Love the wheels on this thing!).

That ought to do it for now. Any of these things have been some of the best gifts for our kids, if they could vote! Now, what to buy for the next birthday to top the list? Addison wants a pool! Seriously, she does not ask for much. :) Think we will be looking for a little plastic version or just go to the Lake.



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