Friday, March 12, 2010


Yesterday morning at 6am, I was trying to get in a quick run on the treadmill before the kids woke up when I saw something on the egress window in the basement. I would look, and there was nothing there. So, I kept running. Hum, I saw something again, still nothing. Boy, I was be sleepy or something. Then I looked and caught a mouse crawling up the screen on the outside of the window! YUCK!

I looked out there and there were 2 living and one not so much, so I thought. YUCK! CHRIS...COME HOME!

Well, as soon as Chris came home several hours later, it was time to turn him into the mouse trap. He quickly changed his clothes and out we went to the window well. You see, we moved in towards the end of November. Chris had purchased the cover for the window, but it snowed quickly after we moved in. So Chris covered it with some pieces of wood. Guess it was not sealed enough.

Chris opened the "lid" to the window and low and behold, there were 3 living mice, 3 dead mice that were being eaten by the living (Seriously...yuck!) and one toad. Yes, one toad! Chris played the mouse trap capturing the live ones and collected the not so much ones, too. He gave me the toad. I took the toad off of our property and put him into a mud puddle. If a toad could smile, he was smiling as he looked up at me! Chris took the mice to their new home far away from ours (but I am sure they will make their way back). The screen to the window...well, it is ruined. Thank you mice friends!

That was a case of Uck (the toad), ick (the living mice), yuck (and the dead, chewed up mice)! The next dry day....that cover is going on the window well! Until then...our mice friends better stay away!

UPDATE: Saturday morning, there was a baby frog and a mouse in the well again. I captured the mouse and took down to the trees while Chris gave the baby frog a new home. Seriously, these animals are none too smart.

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