Monday, March 29, 2010

Staycation Day 1

Alivia at the DentistOpen wide Addi

This week is Alivia's spring break. Since Alivia's spring break falls on a different week than Addison's spring break, we could not really go anywhere. Additionally, Chris is in overtime drive at work and could not break away. So, we decided to take a staycation!

So, on day 1 of our staycation, we first visited the Dentist (which the girls actually found to be fun!) and then went to the zoo with our friends Laura and Simon. It was a fabulous, but busy, day at the zoo. It became a little windy as the day went on, but nothing too major. Asher tried to go potty at the zoo, but I just could not remember where the restrooms were quick enough. So, after an accident, we put back on the diaper (Asher went potty at Target, the dentist and tried at the zoo today! Every time he cried, "I want to go home!" Not sure he is ready for the public big restrooms that flush on their own quite yet).

At the zoo, we went through the desert dome, saw the tigers, monkeys, gorillas, giraffes, seals, fed the fish, saw the butterflies and walked through the aquarium. I was exhausted and still do not know how my friend Laura walked all through the zoo while pregnant! What a work out! Alivia liked the seals best, Addison and Asher liked the monkeys, and I liked the sunny weather and the giraffes. I just liked a day out with all three of our kiddos and good friends.

We ended our day playing in the dirt ad getting dirty with Daddy. It is amazing how much fun a big pile of dirt can be!

What will day 2 of our staycation bring? I am not even sure yet, but I am sure we will have fun!

Staycation day 1: The zooHolding HandsTurtle timeShark teethDing dong!Simon & Addi play in the waterAlivia & AddisonAsher with his hand on his tag (in his pants)

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O'Toole said...

I feel for Laura! I walked the entire zoo in 90 degree heat at 8.5mos pregnant. I then went home and slept 15 hours!!