Saturday, March 27, 2010

Alivia's 1st Official Play Date

Today was Alivia's 1st official play date away from home. Alivia has been on play dates before, but none where I left her without me. Alivia was so excited, once I told her that was her surprise for today, that she could hardly contain herself. Ellie and Alivia are friends from Standing Bear, and Ellie lives right up the street from our previous address. It is sad that we moved in that the girls would have played together all the time, probably. The girls had not met prior to starting school.

After making Ellie some cookies and a card, we were off to our old neighborhood for the 1pm play date. Addison, Asher, and I went in to say good-bye and Addison started crying as we walked away. Addison was seriously out of control crying she was so upset that Alivia was staying. She did not understand, either, why she could not stay and play.

So, I convinced Addison that we had fun plans, too. We ended up going to Pottery Barn Kids, one of Addison's favorite stores. Then we went home for a while to eat some of those cookies we made in the morning. Mmm! After Daddy got home from work, it was time to go and pick up Alivia.

We arrived at 4pm and the girls were playing outside. They had fun playing with Barbies in Ellie's "beautiful" room (I thought it was funny that Alivia described Ellie's room as beautiful! I'm sure it was painted something other than brown. :) ). Alivia also said they had fun playing outside. Alivia was in tears when she left. I wished I could say, "she just lives right up the street so we will play again." But, I could not say that. I could, however, say that she would see her soon as Alivia is going to visit her old classmates this week while Alivia is on spring break.

Alivia had a fun afternoon. It was decided that there are more play dates in the future and they should be longer.

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