Monday, March 15, 2010

The Amazing Spiderwoman!

Our "friendly neighborhood" spider! YUCK!Cheerio/Spider. Captured before flushed
After lunch, Asher and Addison wanted to jump in the bouncy for a little bit before quiet time. Okay! So, I leaned over to turn in on and Asher crawled in (he likes to sit in it while I blows up). The next thing I heard was a blood curling scream coming from Addison, as Asher and Addison fame flying out of the entrance of the jumpy at me. What? Addison screamed spider!!!! I looked up to see this HUGE BLACK SPIDER IN THE BOUNCER! EEEECK!!!

So, what is a girl to do? I called Grandpa, who was in town, but he was too far away. Next I called Chris who works within minutes...he will come home, right? Um, nope. He laughed and said, "Just make sure there are not any others in there!" Nice, Chris, nice!

So, I gathered up my tools and jumped in. I quickly captured the THING in a tupperware bowl that I will happily throw away upon this spider's death. I sealed the lid and sat it on Chris' desk downstsairs so he can find someplace to discard the thing, if he lives that long (the spider that is).

Within 2 days I have captured a mouse and a big spider with my very one hands. I'm sorry, but I did not realize I was moving to the country and had to add THAT to my job description as a SAHM? I would rather be my mom who stood on the kitchen chairs screaming as Dad captured these things, thank you! (sorry Mom!). But, I have to be the Amazing Spiderwoman! YUCK!

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O'Toole said...

OMG, Krista that is HORRIBLE!! I HATE HATE HATE spiders! I showed Riley and he said, "do they live in Omaha?" first I said, "yes" then he said, "I thought you said there were no trantulas in Omaha!" So then I said, "actually the live in Papillion" he said, "oh good!" :)

Austin Family said...

Nice! I told Chris it was big...but he did not believe me until he flushed him.