Thursday, March 25, 2010

1st Visit to a Park in 2010!

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In a typical winter, we used to walk up to our park in our previous neighborhood a few times during the winter. I am not so sure we would have done so this winter, however.

Today marked the very first visit to a park in 2010...for Asher and I at least. We went to a little park in Harvey Oaks near Addison's preschool. I thought he deserved that much after going to Lowes and shopping for toys for our nephew's birthday (Oh, and we met another little boy named Asher! The other Asher was 5 years old, though). Asher jumped out of the car and practically skipped to the park because he was so excited! A robin greeted us under the play equipment as we walked up. It was a small park, but Asher did not mind. He pointed out airplanes (he loves them!) and squirrels and went down the slides. We had to run to the car so we could get Addison picked up on time. It was nice to have some fresh air in a beautiful spot, too.

Asher is such a different little boy when we are out together. He reaches for my hand and we are off. He talks a lot more (if at all possible because Asher can talk up a storm!), points out more, and just does whatever he wants. He loves his Mommy time and I love my Asher time. I just wish I could have more Addison time and Alivia time, too!

Oh, and the fresh air helped Asher fall asleep for nap, too. He is asleep and snoring as I type!

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