Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Master Bedroom...New Fan

Finally, we replaced the fan in our bedroom. We also, against our better judgment, brought the TV up from the garage, all 206 pounds of it thank you. This is the TV that we had in our family room at our previous address. We will rarely watch it there I would guess...but we had not a clue what to do with it otherwise. Here are the after pictures.
New FanOld TV in place
If you need a great ceiling fan, the new one is a Minka Aire Concept II. It not only looks cool, in my opinion only here, it is the most quiet fan we could find. It hugs the ceiling too, which we wanted in all rooms except Asher's room (because his ceiling is vaulted). Not sure what we will do in his room yet. We love this fan as you will now find it in 2 rooms. It is definitely not the least expensive fan on the market, but we were willing to pay for a quiet fan that we liked.

Now, onto the next project...the fence. Whose kidney is going to go this time?

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