Wednesday, March 17, 2010

St. Patrick's Day 2010

Today green became our favorite color, at least for today. I don't really think they get into "pinching" each in school if one does not wear green anymore, but it is still fun to dress in green today anyway.

After sending Alivia off to school, we jumped into potty training. This is getting old, let me tell you. Asher just is not catching on whatsoever! He will sit on that potty for 10 minutes, stand up and put on his undies, and then pee in them. Nice! I can not get the connection to the wet pants to the potty because he is always done by the time we get situated. Seriously, he is a challenge.

Anyway, to make our day a little sweeter, Asher, Addison and I made cupcakes. Mmmm! I was not sure there would be any cupcakes as much as they wanted to eat the batter! But, we were successful, and we even topped them with some yummy green frosting. MMmm! They were really good for afternoon snack and dessert, too!

It was a nice 50 something degrees outside, so we played outside after Alivia came home from school. Then, I mistakenly suggested taking a walk. Daddy brought out the wagon and all heck broke lose! Nobody wanted Asher on their laps. When I made room for Asher without him sitting on anyone's lap, the girls still did not want them in the wagon. Seriously, I kid you not, the neighbors and all the local contractors for miles were staring and glaring at us and our screaming, out of control kids. It was not pretty. Clearly, We did not even get 2 feet from the garage and I told Daddy we could not take a walk, obviously. He took the girls in the house, screaming, for their time out. I took Asher, still screaming, with me to the mailbox (remember the big walk to get our mail?). That walk ended up taking us on the trails around the lake. It was so pretty, and we even spotted a few geese on some leftover ice.

We arrived home to spot the last of the snow had melted in our yard. Okay, almost. There is a pile of it on the property line that the contractors placed there that are building the home beside us. But we are getting closer. Maybe it will all melt by tomorrow, just in time for more snow on Saturday.

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Here's to being Green!

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