Monday, March 22, 2010

Working Gal

I have been working very casual at night, 11 to 7:30am, for just over a year now. When I started last March, I was working Saturday night every other weekend. Right after we moved, I started working 2 nights in a row every other weekend, by accident really. I emailed my boss and asked her to put me down for the next 2 Sundays with my Saturdays to help pay for our moving expenses. The next thing I knew, I was scheduled for all the Sundays every other weekend as far out as April. I thought I would give the schedule a whirl to help out the short staffing situation and so we could update the house some. After 2 cycles of this, I found that I was giving up more than sleep. I missed the kids and Chris, Chris was crabby when I worked and so was I, the laundry piled high, and the take out food bill increased. Oh, and then I was losing a lot of sleep, too. You see, when I work nights, I nap the afternoon before the first shift (so Saturday afternoon), work Saturday night, then sleep most of Sunday away if I can, work Sunday night, and then Monday with the kids is a total fog. I try to go shopping or take them someplace so I can stay active and awake. I put Addison and Asher down for nap directly after lunch so I can get a good 2 hours of sleep in before having to pick up Alivia from school. Again, Monday night is a fog as I am completely exhausted. Come summer, however, I would not be able to take a nap at all until Chris got home at 5 or 6pm because Alivia would be home and does not nap.

I decided at first that I would just resign. But, then there are a few things that make me think I should stay. One, I need to work to keep my license active. Two, this job is one in a million in that they let me only work 2 days a month to begin with and three, it would be nice to have an option to pick up more shifts if Chris does lose his job at some point. So, I am staying put for now, but dropping back to one day every other week starting in JUNE! I took off a couple Sundays between now and I think I just have 3 more times that I have 2 days in a row to get through.

Now....let's just hope I can make it to June without falling over.

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