Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Staycation Day 2

Asher at Piedmont ParkSpinning AliviaCHEESE!!Alivia on the tongue slideRun Asher Run!Weeee!Alivia & Mrs. ArcherLunch Time at Standing BearAddison and Asher liked lunch at schoolDuck duck...goose!Addi & Asher at recess!Saying Good Bye

Today Addison had preschool. Before preschool even began, we went to Target to pick up a pair of shoes for Addison. We then took Addison to preschool. Alivia, Asher and I ran one quick errand before heading to Piedmont Park to play! Alivia was so excited she was running around screaming. She loved the park, and so did Asher. The weather was beautiful. We had to run to exchange a shirt at Carter's before picking up Addison at preschool. Funny, they did not have the right sized shirt at Carter's but the wrong sized shirt never made it back to the car. We looked and looked for the shirt...but it simply walked off during our walk back to the car. So frustrating!

We picked up Addison early so Alivia could eat lunch and go to recess with her friends at Standing Bear, her previous elementary school. She was so excited! We arrived at Standing Bear about 11:00 and met up with her old class as they were lining up for lunch. The kids were so excited to see Alivia! They all wanted to sit by her. It was so cute. Someone asked Alivia if she liked her new school better, and Alivia said, "I like Standing Bear better!" It was so sad to hear that! But, it came as no surprise to me. After lunch she ran around outside with her friends. Addison and Asher had fun playing with Anna. It was a fun way to spend a lunch hour. Addison and Asher even enjoyed eating at school and recess! What fun for them to get to see what that is all about.

After lunch we went to McDonald's for a little treat - ice cream! What a mess but it was oh so good. It took Addison all the way home from Northwest Omaha to work on eating her cone. As we drove up Ponderosa Drive for home, she handed me the mooshed and dripping ice cream cone and said, "I'm all done, Mommy." Lovely.  I did get to eat Asher's though. Mmmm!

After a quick clean up, we drove up to the Bell Elementary play ground. Addison, Asher, and I have never been there. It is pretty nice. However, Asher had to go #2, so we had to leave. But, it was so worth it as Asher went #2 on the potty the first time! SUCCESS! Then we walked back up to the park for more play. By the time we got home about 4, we were all totally exhausted from playing and from that awful wind!

After dinner, we took our first family walk around the lake. Addison ran, or I should say sprinted, around the lake. We went half way around, then made out way back home (not on sidewalks yet). It is so pretty. It is really a peaceful walk, wind aside. Once back at home, we cleaned up just in time to leave again. We ended the night with stories at the Gingerbread House!

Seriously, this staycation stuff is fun, but exhausting. What will tomorrow bring?

Monkeying around at BellLet's slide!Walking back to the parkWalking at Shadow LakeChris & the kids at Shadow LakeWalk/Run/Bike at Shadow LakeAddi Running After Alivia around the LakeAsher getting a rideTime for a stretch

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O'Toole said...

You guys are having SO much fun!!! Piedemont is our FAVORITE park!